Job site LinkedIn just published its 2019 LinkedIn Top Companies List, which ranks the top 50 companies to work for.

LinkedIn looks at billions of actions taken by its members around the world to uncover the companies that are attracting the most attention from jobseekers and then hanging onto that talent. According to LinkedIn, "this approach looks at what members are doing -- not just saying -- in their search for fulfilling careers." 

There were some interesting trends in this year's survey versus the 2018 results:

  • Companies emphasize values over perks: Companies are emphasizing company values over office perks, even as their values evolve with the times. Disney (No. 17) is paying full tuition even for its part-time workers; Slack (No. 23) is running a coding skills program within prisons; Lyft (No. 19) is offering free therapy to employees and their dependents; WeWork (No. 13) has all-vegetarian cafeterias; Goldman Sachs (No. 21) has relaxed their once-strict dress code, and WPP (No. 39) has banned drinking in their ad agency offices.
  • Tech companies, old and new, dominate rankings: Tech continues to be the fastest growing industry in the U.S., and more than half of this year's top companies are from the tech industry. Traditional tech stalwarts such as Oracle (No. 9), Dell (No. 10), Cisco (No. 12), and Intel (No. 37) are competitively ranked alongside more recently founded companies including Airbnb (No. 8), Netflix (No. 11), Splunk (No. 39), and Snowflake Computing (No. 49).
  • Nearly 40 percent of companies are new to the list: Of the 50 companies on the list, 19 are new to the rankings. Newly recognized Top Companies to work for include Bank of America (No. 18), Citi (No. 22), Slack (No. 23), Wells Fargo (No. 25), Pinterest (No. 29), Coinbase (No. 35), and others. 

Here are the top-25 companies from LinkedIn's 2019 list -- you'll find all 50 on the LinkedIn site:

1. Alphabet
2. Facebook
3. Amazon
4. Salesforce
5. Deloitte
6. Uber
7. Apple
8. Airbnb
9. Oracle
10. Dell Technologies
11. Netflix
12. Cisco
13. The We Company
14. Spotify
15. Comcast NBCUniversal
16. Tesla
17. The Walt Disney Company
18. Bank of America
19. Lyft
20. ADP
21. Goldman Sachs
22. Citi
23. Slack
24. Adobe
25. Wells Fargo

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