Most of us have been there. That moment we see our neighbor with a new car--our dream car--and utter the words, "Wow, they are so lucky." Well actually, chances are luck had absolutely nothing to do with it unless, of course, they won it. And even winning something requires doing something first.

No matter how much we want to, we can't chalk everything up to chance. If we spend our lives waiting for luck to strike, we may find we have very little of it. The fact is, we create most of our luck through good old fashioned hard work, the choices we make, and perseverance.

Need a little help finding your lucky charm? Check out these 5 easy ways to begin making your own luck, bit by bit, every day.

1. Be assertive

Sometimes, all we have to do is ask. It can be astonishing how many more things people would receive if they simply asked to be recognized for their true worth. Whether it's at work--for a promotion or salary raise--or in our personal lives, we should begin taking the initiative and start asking for what we feel we deserve. We accept the treatment we think we merit, after all.

2. Believe in your goal

One of the hardest things to do when facing a daunting task is to believe that things will work out in the end. By showing that you have faith in yourself, and in your own personal actions, others will actually follow suit. People are inspired by those who know what they want from the universe and believe they have the power to get it.

3. Make deadlines for yourself

Although such detailed planning can seem counterintuitive towards something as spontaneous as luck happening, it's important to note that deadlines actually make daily progress more likely. Knowing that you have a date you need things done by can either force you to complete the necessary steps or make you realize that your goals need to be modified to be feasible.

4. Grab onto your ideas

These days, there really isn't a traditional way to do anything. People are constantly introducing newer, better, more efficient modes of action that are openly received in the workplace. Don't sell yourself short by simply writing off your ideas before you give them a fighting chance. Write your thoughts down and share your innovations. What takes flight and the successes that follow might surprise you.

5. Expect the best

While it's very natural to lower our expectations so that we are not disappointed, it's actually much more efficient to expect better of ourselves in order to promote our highest levels of proficiency. Don't make excuses for yourself or anyone else. Hold yourself to the highest standards of being and the best that you hope to achieve and good things will follow. You have the power to be the lucky one simply by expecting the best.