Everyone respects Marcus Lemonis, host of the popular television show The Profit. And for good reason: He's a self-made millionaire who made most of his money the old-fashioned way -- through hard work and business smarts. When he was just 12 years old, Marcus had his own lawn business -- with 10 kids on his payroll.

Here are 17 inspiring Marcus Lemonis quotes that will motivate you to succeed.

1. "Businesses are based on relationships and relationships are based on people."

2. "Don't compromise who you are."

3. "Surround yourself with good people."

4. "People will work for recognition and opportunity more than they'll work for anything else."

5. "If you don't have emotion and you don't have passion, then you shouldn't be in business, because money is a byproduct, not the purpose."

6. "The best deals are when both parties that come to an agreement feel just a little uncomfortable."

7. "At the end of the day, the numbers don't lie."

8. "Control your cash, stick to your core business, and know your numbers."

9. "People respect you more if they get the truth as opposed to a bunch of fluff."

10. "If you don't love what you do, then you shouldn't do it."

11. "Performance is the best way to shut people up."

12. "If you don't work for it, why do you think you deserve it?"

13. "The customer is not number one -- they're number two -- right behind the employee."

14. "If the employee is happy, then the chances of the customer being happy are exponentially better."

15. "Have no fear and be willing to fail."

16. "Stay focused, work hard, know your numbers, and be disciplined. If you do those things and take care of your people, the likelihood of being successful is very, very high."

17. "When you shake somebody's hand, it's got to mean something."