It was reported today that McDonald's is going to make a stunning change to its menu--introducing four international items to its U.S.-based menu. This is exciting news for customers who are getting bored with plain old cheeseburgers and fries, and should be a marketing shot in the arm for the fast-food giant.

More specifically, the four new items are expected to include:

  • Cheesy Bacon Fries (Australia)
  • Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich (Canada)
  • Stroopwafel McFlurry (Netherlands)
  • Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger (Spain)

Based on the appearance of Cheesy Bacon Fries and the Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger, it appears that McDonald's is going all-in on bacon. This despite recent research that shows an increased risk of cancer with increased consumption of bacon and other processed and red meats. 

According to reports, this is not the first time international items have been introduced to the U.S., although previous introductions have been quite limited. A rotating selection of international items is currently available at the McDonald's headquarters in Chicago's Chicago's West Loop, and the Stroopwafel McFlurry and Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger were tested in Florida last year.

It's expected that these new menu items will make an appearance when the Signature Crafted line of upscale burgers--which included Pico Guacamole, Sweet BBQ Bacon, and Maple Bacon Dijon--is phased out sometime this summer.

While I'm personally a very infrequent visitor to McDonald's, the introduction of international versions of its fast food has definitely captured my interest. I'm certain many customers will feel the same way.

And that's what marketing is all about, right?