Over the past few weeks, I had been led to believe that the vast majority of customer mayhem has been limited to airline flights. However, this particular point of view has now been proven to be false.

According to news reports, 37-year-old Jedediah Ezekiel Fulton was arrested when he tried to destroy the golden arches at a Sutherlin, Oregon McDonald's. And what got him so upset? After placing an order for 30 Double Cheeseburgers, for some reason restaurant workers decided to reject it--leaving the distraught customer burger-less.

While I don't know why the McDonald's employees decided not to honor their customer's order for 30 burgers, I do know that Jedediah Ezekiel Fulton was pretty upset about it. First, he tore apart a restaurant banner and then he turned his fury on the McDonald's golden arches, which he brutally attacked.

But Fulton was just getting warmed up.

According to the Sutherlin Police Department, a customer confronted Fulton, and Fulton grabbed the collar of his shirt. After that, a witness to the goings-on was so frightened by Fulton's actions that he pulled out a gun.

Long story short, Jedediah Ezekiel Fulton was arrested on second-degree criminal mischief and harassment, second-degree criminal trespass, and suspicion of second-degree disorderly conduct.

While I have personally never been tempted to order 30 burgers of any sort from my local McDonald's, I'll be sure to avoid even thinking about it after this.