If you're at all active in the online shopping sphere, then you've definitely heard of Nasty Gal, Sophia Amoruso's multi-million-dollar brand launched by the fashion tycoon when she was just 23. Chances are, you've probably also read her bestselling book #GIRLBOSS. Just last year, however, Nasty Gal filed for bankruptcy, causing Amoruso to fall off the Forbes list of Richest Self-Made Women.

The move left Amoruso with empty hands after the massive investment into her online store and retail brand, and left many others wondering how she would recover from the setback and where she would go next.

Then, earlier this month--less than a year after Amoruso filed for bankruptcy with her old company--the fashion icon announced that she was raising $1.2 million in funds for a new brand based on the title of her first book. Her new venture, Girlboss Media, will instead act more like a platform than a fashion brand. It features an editorial site, newsletter, and throws special events like the Girlboss Rally, which features notable speakers in the media sphere.

So, why does it matter to the rest of us that Amoruso launched Girlboss? Here it is in one sentence:

Amoruso's ability to transform what appears to be a great setback into a new high-stake venture shows that, no matter how bad our perceived failures may seem, they almost always open doors into new avenues that we might not have previously considered.

Despite what many of us may believe, it's not easy to get back on our feet after feeling like we failed. Regardless of what industry we work in, if we invest a great deal into a project, many of us expect to see result proportional to the efforts we put in.

When that doesn't work out as planned, however, what matters the most is where we end up taking our multitude of skills, talents, and determination--rather than simply, and much more easily, giving up.

We can take a lesson from Amoruso and know that whenever something doesn't work out quite the way we planned, there's a chance that an even more fulfilling opportunity is right around the corner. We just have to be open to it.

Check out the interview with Sophia below.