It's hard to believe that just 20 years ago, few of us had email addresses. Today, however, everyone does. And not just one. We've got to have a work email address, a personal email address (or two or three), and email addresses we never even asked for (Facebook used to assign you an email address whether you wanted it or not).

For most of us, email at work is a mixed blessing. That new email message in our inbox can be the source of great joy (landing a new client, being offered a new job) or a source of tremendous consternation (your business trip to Paris has been canceled, you've got to rework a report that you've already reworked several times). In any case, email is here to stay -- at least for the immediate future.

You're probably familiar with Adobe Systems and their array of software products such as Photoshop, Acrobat, InDesign, and others. Well, as it turns out, Adobe also produces an annual Consumer Email Report that describes in great detail the way we use email at work and beyond.

Although there's tons of data in Adobe's report, what caught my eye was their listing of the most annoying phrases used in work emails. Here's the list -- which ones bug you the most?

1. Not sure if you saw my last email... (25%)

2. Per my last email... (13%)

3. Per our conversation... (11%)

4. Any updates on this? (11%)

5. Sorry for the double email (10%)

6. Please advise (9%)

7. As previously stated... (9%)

8. As discussed... (6%)

9. Re-attaching for convenience. (6%)

If you find yourself using any of these phrases in your email messages to others, consider deleting them. Your coworkers, boss, and customers will be glad you did.