Multiple research studies have shown that stress felt on the job is the major source of stress for American adults, and that work-related stress has escalated gradually over the past few decades. According to research, 46% of the stress we feel at work is the result of overwhelming workload, while 28% is the result of people issues. The good news is that you can learn to cope with stress in some very simple, but remarkably effective ways.

As it turns out, one of the most-effective things you can do to beat the stress you feel is to listen to music.

To integrate music into your busy life, try listening to music while you're driving to work, or turn the radio on while you're in the shower. Calming and classical music are the recommended types of music to listen to. If you don't usually listen to this type of music, you may benefit from giving it a try; it's well worth it.

There are 7 specific benefits of listening to music...

1. It reduces stress and increases your productivity.

2. The soothing effect of music has a unique connection to your emotions, resulting in a highly effective stress management tool.

4. Calming and classical music slows down your pulse and heart rate, and also lowers your blood pressure and levels of stress hormones.

5. It acts as a healthy distraction, absorbing your attention while helping you explore your emotions.

6. It can help you get in a state of meditation and prevent your mind from wandering.

7. It promotes relaxation and helps you to fall asleep.

Singing along can also release the tension you feel. If you like karaoke, use it to your advantage. In addition, certain music is suitable for meditation, helping your mind slow down and activating the relaxation response within you that aids in releasing stressful thoughts. However, not all calming music works for everyone. Find the music that creates the highest levels of calmness within you.

You may want to test the sounds of nature as they're often integrated into music that's made especially for relaxation. For example, the sound of water can be particularly calming. Listening to music is a very helpful tool to manage your stress without having to spend a fortune. It takes time and effort, though the results are very rewarding.

Take care of your stress before it's too late. Give yourself a chance to experience calmness, joy, and a stress-free life by adopting the habit of listening to music. You have nothing to lose and much to gain.