Sometimes, does it feel like, no matter how hard you work or how much you accomplish, you never feel truly satisfied? Do you feel like you experience mental blocks that prevent you from achieving your full potential? If you answered yes to the above questions, it could be your mindset that's ultimately holding you back--not circumstances.

According to the Chicago Consortium on School Reform, there are three steps that influence whether or not students will persist when things become difficult at school--three steps that also apply to one's ability persevere in real life as well. If you change your perspective, you can get anything right. Based on this research, the following 3 mindsets can, indeed, bring you massive success.

1. The belief that hard work can and will lead to improvement

Even though those who are driven are naturally inclined to work hard, it isn't always clear whether or not we feel that our work matters every step of the way. Maintaining the perspective that each action--no matter how small--ultimately impacts our end result is something to keep in mind, as well as something that renders the journey a bit more enjoyable.

2. Confidence that you, and people like you, belong

When we don't feel like we belong somewhere, we tend to adopt the rebellious tendencies due to the fact that we feel like an outsider. Unfortunately, this kind of behavior often limits our capabilities to give our best, since we're eager to just finish what we have to do and leave. Convince yourself that your environment is a place where you can thrive, and your output will reflect your dedication.

3. The belief that what you are doing is valuable and relevant to your goals

Clearly, you can't get anywhere if you don't believe in yourself. So as long as you have faith that what you're doing will lead to a greater purpose, you're already on the path to success. Get your mindset right, and you can do anything. Believe in yourself, and take the world by storm.