Announced on September 12 at Apple's annual keynote, the new iPhone X will hit stores November 3. But, in the weeks and months running up to the smartphone's on-sale date, eager technology aficionados have been incessantly keeping up to date with iPhone X and every little bit of information that's been released around it -- officially and unofficially. (Unfortunately for one Apple engineer, his daughter Brooke Peterson's unofficial YouTube introduction to iPhone X cost him his job.)

While the iPhone X is controversial for a number of reasons -- Face ID in place of Touch ID, the lack of a home button, the ability to incorporate "animojis," where emojis use facial recognition instead of the traditional emojis we've grown to love -- what really got people talking was the $999 price tag for the bare-bones model (a maxed out, 256GB model will run you a cool $1,149).

Although Apple's phones have been steadily increasing in price with each subsequent model -- ever since the device was just a gleam in Steve Jobs's eye -- the iPhone X is by far the tech giant's most expensive product yet.

So far, users have been pretty satisfied with the phone's functionality, despite its premium price. Based on a Business Insider reviewer's first impressions, the phone seems to be everything it promised -- with more surprises to come.

However, other tech investigators have noticed the iPhone X site changing to reveal some shocking hidden price increases attached to the nearly four-digit price tag. On the iPhone service pricing page, Apple now indicates that repairing an iPhone X display will cost a staggering $279 -- a huge jump up from display repairs of older iPhone generations, which have typically cost from $149 to $169.

For the miscellaneous -- and mysterious -- "other damage" category of repairs, that will set you back a massive $549. The seriously high costs of maintaining an iPhone X after the standard, one-year warranty expires may ultimately steer consumers away. When buying an expensive object, consumers often expect to spend a one-time fee, rather than continuing to empty their wallets for "hidden costs" along the way.

In addition to costs for the actual hardware of the phone, Apple has also increased the cost of AppleCare+ insurance for the iPhone X. The new policy will be priced at $199, which is significantly more than the $129 Apple charges for the iPhone 8 and $149 for the iPhone 8 Plus.

Only time will tell if the high cost premiums really deliver what they promise -- especially since the iPhone X is the first of its kind.