As expected, Amazon -- the online retail giant founded by Jeff Bezos that commands a significant portion of the e-commerce space -- dominated sales this Cyber Monday. But the product that led them to gain a wide margin of sales above their competitors might not be what you're imagining.

According to David Limp, Amazon's head of devices, Alexa-enabled devices were top sellers across all of Amazon, including goods sold by other retailers or brands. In fact, the Echo Dot, Amazon's cheapest Alexa-enabled device, was listed as Amazon's global bestseller across all categories.

It's no surprise, of course, that Amazon would see an increased interest in its voice-recognition, artificially intelligent device, Alexa. Since the introduction of Apple's Siri as early as 2005, tech companies have fiercely competed to bring their own artificial intelligence devices to the game, especially as consumer interest in such devices have peaked.

And, naturally, the stellar Amazon prices helped -- the Echo Dot was on sale for only $30, the lowest it's ever been. In total, Amazon accounted for just under half (45%) of all top-50 online retail sales on Thanksgiving itself. But it continued to rake it much more in the days following. For the consumer-driven frenzy of Black Friday, Amazon reportedly captured 55% of all online Black Friday sales among top online retailers.

In fact, according to Adobe Analytics, this year's Cyber Monday was projected to be the largest online shopping day ever recorded in the U.S., and the day met its expectations, ultimately generating $6.6 billion in sales across all industries.

To put it into perspective, across Thanksgiving and Black Friday alone, Amazon reported 12,777,196 online transactions in total -- a staggering number when compared to runner-up Walmart, who reported 2,875,752 total online transactions. Ultimately, it goes to show that people are repeatedly showing more interest in an intelligent, digitally based society -- whether the world likes it or not.

With technology advancing so fast and convenience playing such a big part in everything we do today, it's impossible to know what the next Cyber Monday will look like -- and how much we'll all spend.