Depending on where you live, you've probably noticed that a dollar buys more or less than in some other part of the country. For example, I live in California, and I know that when I visit my old home state of Georgia, my dollar goes a lot further--things like gasoline and food and houses simply cost less in Georgia than they do in California.

Well, the nonprofit Tax Foundation recently released a study (based on Bureau of Economic Analysis data) that not only confirmed that $100 has a different relative value depending on what state you live or do business in but also quantified those differences to the cent. As the Tax Foundation study points out, regional price differences are quite significant. If you live in Mississippi, for example, your real purchasing power is 36 percent greater than if you live in the District of Columbia. That is, $50,000 in after-tax income in Mississippi is the equivalent of $68,000 in after-tax income in the District of Columbia.

Here, then, is how much $100 is actually worth in each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

How much is $100 worth in your state?

Alabama $114.03

Alaska $94.34

Arizona $102.99

Arkansas $114.29

California $89.05

Colorado $97.85

Connecticut $92.17

Delaware $98.62

District of Columbia $84.96

Florida $101.21

Georgia $108.81

Hawaii $86.06

Idaho $107.76

Illinois $99.01

Indiana $109.41

Iowa $110.74

Kansas $110.13

Kentucky $112.23

Louisiana $109.65

Maine $102.35

Maryland $90.17

Massachusetts $93.20

Michigan $106.16

Minnesota $102.46

Mississippi $115.21

Missouri $112.11

Montana $105.93

Nebraska $110.50

Nevada $101.83

New Hampshire $94.43

New Jersey $87.34

New Mexico $105.26

New York $86.73

North Carolina $109.05

North Dakota $109.41

Ohio $111.61

Oklahoma $111.23

Oregon $101.32

Pennsylvania $101.42

Rhode Island $101.94

South Carolina $110.50

South Dakota $114.16

Tennessee $110.38

Texas $103.41

Utah $102.88

Vermont $99.80

Virginia $97.09

Washington $96.90

West Virginia $113.12

Wisconsin $107.64

Wyoming $104.38