In April I had the opportunity to visit the country of Vietnam with my fellow columnist and entrepreneur Kevin Daum. Aside from the beautiful views, the excellent food and coffee, and the warm, friendly people, the one thing that most impressed me about Vietnam was the entrepreneurial spirit that I saw quite literally everywhere. Everyone was selling something.

So it was no surprise when I received the latest report on entrepreneurship around the globe from Approved Index that Vietnam ranked #5 on the list of most entrepreneurial countries. However, to my surprise, the U.S. only ranked #37 with the UK doing just a bit better at #33.

Here are the 10 most entrepreneurial countries in the world--is yours on the list?

1. Uganda

2. Thailand

3. Brazil

4. Cameroon

5. Vietnam

6. Angola

7. Jamaica

8. Botswana

9. Chile

10. Philippines

China came in at #11 on the list.

So what about the least entrepreneurial countries in the world? Here are the top 5 of those:

1. Suriname

2. Puerto Rico

3. Italy

4. Japan

5. France

Farther down the list were Sweden at #7 least entrepreneurial, Spain at #9, Germany at #12, Russia at #13, and (BIG surprise) India at #15 least entrepreneurial.