What is the key attribute of smaller enterprises that large companies lack? Well, usually, agility. In a competitive climate where the most dynamic businesses succeed, it can be hard to keep accelerating.

A study conducted by leadership consultant Colin Price and his team at Heidrick & Struggles examined the "acceleration" of 23 "super-accelerator" companies in terms of the capacity to quickly react as circumstances change, and identified how they succeed in our contemporary professional landscape. Here are the 13 factors identified by Price and his team that will surely propel your business to success as you mobilize, execute, and transform to a more agile organization.

1. Customer first

You should focus on always putting the client at the forefront. Pay attention to client reception to your services; offer responses to shifting client demand.

2. Energizing leadership

Maintaining high energy is definitely imperative for every leader. People are often inspired by empowerment, encouragement, and strength of top performance.

3. Clarity

Ensure that everyone on the team has the same goal, purpose, and ambitions behind their individual actions.

4. Simplicity

Nobody likes bureaucracy. Keep a clean, streamlined model and abide by it to keep things fast moving.

5. Ownership

Workers and consumers alike are drawn to integrity and a sense of fairness. Have your company functioning like a meritocracy, and nobody will feel bogged down by bad feelings.

6. Winning capabilities

Winners are attracted to winners. Showcase your company's talent whenever possible. Your business will be sure to gain momentum with time.

7. Innovation

There's nothing quite as appealing as being on the forefront of things. We're naturally very attracted to disruptive thinking, idea generation, and what feels new to us.

8. Challenge

We may have trouble reaching our full potential if not pushed by others. Offer frank, constructive feedback and expect the highest performance from your people.

9. Collaboration

Many hands are better than one--and this is no different. Work together, generate trust in one another, and be sure to always communicate. Your intrapersonal relationships will burgeon.

10. Foresight

After increasing your business's speed, begin planning ahead. Try to predict what will come so that when the change comes, you're ready.

11. Learning

We are always learning. And the faster we do it, the better results we will have. Always take a lesson or two from your mistakes, but learn quickly so that you don't have to stop.

12. Adaptability

This characteristic goes hand in hand with learning. If you can improve from your past, you can surely react effectively to changes as well.

13. Resilience

When you fall down, spring back up on your feet. It may be difficult not to dwell at first, but soon you won't even notice when you're up and running again.