Do you sometimes feel like you could be much closer to someone than you actually are? That a relationship with coworker feels disconnected, or could be greatly improved, but you just don't know how? Check out these five key things every great relationship has, and see how many you can apply to your own.

1. Communication

Although this is the most obvious of things, many people forget how important communication is when connecting with someone. People, in general, are not inherently bad; if they do something that's not to your liking, chances are that they have no idea what they're doing hurts you. Verbalizing the things you want--or don't want--is the sure way to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

2. Quality time

Nobody likes feeling like they're second priority. Spend time with those that you hope to build relationships with, and actually be present for the experiences you share together. Put down your phone, aim to be fully present, and get beyond surface level conversation. You'll undoubtedly reach a stronger relationship as a result.

3. Laughter

Laugh a lot with someone else--that's the easiest way to know you like them. You can spend time doing fun things, like watching comedies or going to concerts, or simply talking and enjoying each other's company. Knowing that you both are sharing in the same revelry is absolutely essential to fostering camaraderie.

4. Generosity

Even though you may not think that people notice, it pays to be kind. People always remember when you buy them a cup of coffee, loan them an umbrella when it's raining, or reward them for landing a new account. Being generous with each other is an easy, but usually sincere, way to show that you care about and value this person without needing to say much at all.

5. Commitment

Following through is one of the most important aspects of relationship building that gets neglected today. The ability to commit to your words--whether it's something as simple as getting lunch or something as important as a promised promotion--is inarguably the thing people look for most in good relations. Don't make the mistake of being the one who flakes.