Most leaders intuitively know that a happier workforce is a more productive workforce--how, after all, can the members of your team provide their best work and their best service to customers when they are unhappy? Indeed, researchers at the University of Warwick recently confirmed that being happy made employees about 12 percent more productive.

So, as you look ahead to 2015, it's a good idea to consider what will make your employees happy (and more productive) in the coming year.

In a just-released survey of more than 1,200 people, Premiere Global Services, Inc. (PGi) found the top-five things that workers really want in the New Year. While I'm not saying that you need to do all of these things to have a happier, more productive workforce, anything you can do will likely result in a significant increase in bottom-line performance.

1. Earn a raise or promotion

Who wouldn't be happier if they received a raise or promotion? According to the PGi survey, 22.6 percent of workers put this at the very top of their lists for what they want in 2015. Be sure that you provide your people with opportunities to advance in their careers, and the raises that go along with them when they are earned.

2. Establish a better work-life balance

It seems that our lives have become busier than ever, with our work, personal, and family demands constantly competing for our attention. Gaining a better work-life balance is the top desire for 18.2 percent of workers in the PGi survey. What can you do to help the members of your team achieve this goal in the New Year?

3. Implement better technology

I can't count the number of times I have personally been in a business, and an associate tells me how much harder their job is because they have to do their work on an outdated computer or other piece of office equipment. According to the PGi survey, 16.9 percent of respondents agree--they want better technology in 2015. How good is the technology in your business?

4. Become more organized

While you probably can't do much to help the members of your team get organized, you can at least provide them with some basic guidelines. The results of the PGi survey show that 16.7 percent of employees want to become more organized in the New Year.

5. Pursue continuing education

PGi's survey shows that 12.1 percent of employees want to pursue continuing education opportunities in 2015. What is your company--and your leadership team--doing to help facilitate this, both within the organization, and outside? Can you do more than you're already doing?