Want to increase your chances of great success in life and at work? Read on for 7 habits of people who have accomplished great things and see which you can incorporate into your own life.

1. They look for lessons in everything

When you see everything as an opportunity to learn, your wealth of knowledge is without bounds. Treat the world as your oyster--constantly search for ways to improve yourself. A lesson can be learned from every mistake and success. Don't forget that.

2. They don't complain

Whining is exhausting and pointless-nothing ever gets accomplished through a rash of complaints, and, furthermore, complaining fosters anger and further negativity from others. Stop the impulse to complain and instead turn your focus toward the positive things you observe.

3. They keep busy

Wasting time is one of worst habits to develop on the road to success. Procrastinating usually leads to increased stress as deadlines approach, as well as an overwhelming feeling of dissatisfaction with oneself for not having seized the opportunity to do more earlier.

4. They don't oversleep

Sleeping too much is, in a sense, another way of easily wasting time. We only have 24 paltry hours in one day. Make the most of every drop of sun you've got--embrace your early bird and get to work.

5. They take thought-out risks

There is no more effective way to better yourself than to push the limits of your comfort zone. Doing things that make us feel scared or excited are so important for developing character, experience, and eventual expertise in fields in which we otherwise would not excel.

6. They make things happen

While believing in fate or destiny is a completely valid approach and mindset, sometimes there's nothing you can do but brute force something until it works for you. The most successful people know when something is out of their hands--but also when something is perfectly within their reach and control. And they do all they can to make it happen even if they have to fake it until they make it.

7. They stay balanced

One of the most important habits for sustainable success is a great work-life balance. Without an adequate distribution between work and personal activities, it's impossible to stave off burnout. Everyone is different, therefore, you need to discover your own internal life-work balance. If you can do this, you will find yourself on your way to success.