While you might be comfortable in your current position, maybe you've been dreaming of making a move to a job that pays better, that causes you less stress, or that is a better match to what you really like to do. Or maybe you're going to graduate soon, and you're wondering what career offers you the best long-term potential.

So, if you're wondering where the grass might actually be greener, what's the best way to figure that out?

CareerCast.com just released its 2016 Jobs Rated report, which reveals which are the best jobs--and the worst--for 2016. 200 different jobs were rated on a variety of factors--including environment, income, outlook for the future, and stress--to determine an overall ranking.

Is your dream job on one of these lists?

The 10 Best Jobs

1. Data scientist

2. Statistician

3. Information security analyst

4. Audiologist

5. Diagnostic medical sonographer

6. Mathematician

7. Software engineer

8. Computer systems analyst

9. Speech pathologist

10. Actuary

The 10 Worst Jobs

1. Newspaper reporter

2. Logger

3. Broadcaster

4. Disc jockey

5. Enlisted military personnel

6. Pest control worker

7. Retail salesperson

8. Advertising salesperson

9. Taxi driver

10. Firefighter