There's a lot of résumé advice out there, from a lot of different places, and it can often be difficult to discern the good from the bad.

But Marc Cenedella, best-selling author and CEO of Ladders--which has reviewed and assessed millions of résumés over the years--is one voice surely worth listening to when it comes to learning the most effective résumé tips and tricks. 

His résumé secret? Craft what Cenedella calls a "High Score Resume." 

The High Score Resume focuses on two specific sections of your résumé: your work experience and professional summary. According to Cenedella, this approach "provides hiring managers and recruiters concrete proof of what you're capable of."

Marc Cenedella's blog post on how to craft a High Score Resume goes into quite a bit of detail about exactly how to write a résumé that will maximize your chances of getting the job you want. I'm going to focus, however, on one particular area: the work experience section and how to show your high scores. 

Most resumes simply list job duties and descriptions. In contrast, the High Score Resume displays your past professional successes by quantifying your achievements--putting numbers to them.

More specifically, for every bullet of work experience in your résumé, be sure to include a success verb and a specific numerical accomplishment from your role or position. For example, instead of saying...

Good at being an operations manager. should put a number to your accomplishments in the position by saying something like...

Maximized profitability, generating $20 million annually by implementing a new customer outreach program.

When you show that you have produced positive outcomes that are clearly quantifiable, potential interviewers will be enticed to learn more.

Need help coming up with good success verbs? Here are some that Cenedella recommends:

  • Accelerated
  • Achieved
  • Contributed
  • Delivered
  • Eliminated
  • Exceeded
  • Grew
  • Improved
  • Maximized
  • Optimized
  • Produced
  • Sold
  • Streamlined

Cenedella advises, "As you're writing each bullet point, craft it to persuade an employer to hire you because of the benefits you can deliver." He even suggests practicing reading out loud each bullet with the phrase, "You should hire me for this role because I..." preceding the text of each bullet.

High Score bullets don't function just to describe your past work. They also serve to support your case for why you should be hired, and can help any potential boss envision what kinds of High Scores you will bring to the table. 

With the High Score Resume, the motto is "Show, don't tell." Simply saying you're an excellent worker and have been in the past is not enough anymore. Understand this, and provide specific proof to back up your accomplishments, and you will persuade recruiters to hire you in no time.