I have three kids -- thank God they're grown up now and (mostly) moved out of our house. While having children is in many ways a tremendous blessing (they paid me to say that), one of the things I was not too fond of when they were growing up was the annual pursuit of the latest must-have toy to hunt down, buy, wrap, and stick under the Christmas tree.

One year it was the Cabbage Patch Kids, another year it was Tickle Me Elmo, and yet another year it was the Nintendo Wii video game console. And who can forget Beanie Babies and the odd, talking Furby?

Giving these presents to our excited, early-rising children wasn't the problem -- that was the fun part. The problem was actually finding one of these hypermarketed toys to buy. I can remember one year driving to every McDonald's restaurant in the San Diego area to track down the latest Beanie Babies. And I can remember yet another year making late-night visits to every Toys 'R' Us south of Los Angeles to find a black Power Ranger doll (my kids already had all the other colors).

So, it's no surprise that there's yet another must-have toy this holiday season, and it goes by the name of (coincidentally) L.O.L. Big Surprise. And, chances are, it's going to be a big surprise to your bank account, since this toy costs a cool $118 on Amazon.com (where it's sold out until next week).

The mega limited edition of L.O.L. Big Surprise is essentially a big ball (actually, half a ball -- it's flat on one side) wrapped in plastic and filled with 50 smaller toys, including small dolls (some of the dolls "cry, spit, or tinkle," according to a Washington Post report), doll clothes and accessories, and bath bombs -- some of which also contain toys that are revealed only after the bombs have been dissolved in water.

What makes the L.O.L. Big Surprise unique is that each of the 50 toys inside the ball is individually wrapped. This makes unwrapping them quite an exercise in patience as the ball's contents are slowly revealed over the course of an hour or two -- perfect for those Instagram and YouTube unboxing videos that are so popular today. (See the video below for one woman's quest to unwrap an L.O.L. Big Surprise.)

Anyway, if you want to get an L.O.L. Big Surprise for your child this holiday season, you'd better get to work. According to reports, Target, Walmart, and Toys 'R' Us are sold out of the popular toy, and some eBay sellers are asking $700 or more for one.

Good luck!