As others work on their time management skills in order to complete more tasks during the day, perhaps you may be working on improving your sleep schedule. It's not, of course, that you're lazy -- in fact, prioritizing sleep is a lot like prioritizing your career. When you sleep well, you increase your energy levels and focus, prevent burnout, and even improve your memory. Yes, it is possible to sleep your way to a promotion. 

Here's a new way to make sure you get that great night's sleep: dedicate time to your sense of smell.

Robert Tisserand, award-winning aromatherapy expert and author of Aromatherapy for Everyone and The Art of Aromatherapy says the road to a better sleep is best taken by nose.

"It's one of the most powerful tools you have and, used properly, is more reliable than most sleep-aids," Tisserand explains.

Needing to improve sleep quality and power down quickly and effectively? Watch what you smell. It's recommended that you try lavender, which has been used to improve the sleep quality of different genders and ages. As Tisserand explains, lavender is "also ideal for troubled sleepers."

According to a study conducted at Celal Bayar University in Turkey, 50 students who inhaled diffused lavender oil during an exam were less stressed than those without the lavender smells. In another study, it was found that lavender is more likely to lead to increased stage 2 sleep for women, and individuals have reported feeling more energetic and awake after a lavender-aided night's rest.

It is time to fill your room with new smells, for productivity's sake. Rather than sleeping pills, reach instead for calming scents. The best part is, this process is not difficult. "It's incredibly easy to improve your night's sleep with scents," Tisserand says. "It's just a matter of knowing which to choose."