We're always looking for the easy way out. There has to be a shortcut, an easier way to learn whatever it is we're supposed to learn--an effortless path around the drudgery and mundaneness of struggling through the tried-and-true way in order to speed up the process. Sometimes, we even waste more time looking for such a shortcut than simply doing the work it would take us half the time to complete in the first place.

What, however, is the true secret to success? Honestly, it's much simpler than you might imagine.

Think for a second about the quality that keeps you moving when all you want to do is stand still, that keeps you working when all you want to do is give up. Sure, it's a bit of perseverance and endurance. But, most important of all, it's patience.

Patience--at the end of every day--is the most important quality a person could have, no matter which industry, office, or work force. Whether you're in the process of searching for jobs or simply figuring out how to be inspired by a position you've held for 30 years, patience will be what gets you through it.

So how does someone build patience? Can you develop it into a skill that you can keep tucked away, pulling it out to use only in moments of dire need? The answer is yes. Patience is, at its core, no different from anything else that can be developed. If we can strengthen self-control, extroversion, or reduce our shyness--we have the power to increase our patience, too.

Breathing exercises can be incredibly helpful for those who struggle to maintain their tempers in heated moments. Learning how to regulate a spell of short breaths is super important; if you don't, it's easy to increase your blood rate and build stress and tension, all negative physical attributes that could greatly harm you in the long run.

If you find yourself struggling with uncertainty, frustration at not being promoted, or any other potential problem, know that you are not alone and keep fighting. You will push through, persevere, and have enough patience to move ahead.