Everyone deals with his or her problems differently. Some like to be alone, isolating themselves to find comfort in things like books and music. Others, like myself, prefer to surround themselves with people to distract them from whatever the problem at hand may be.

Regardless of our individual coping mechanisms, however, we should keep in mind that there exists one very universally effective mode of healing: Writing.

The act of journaling on a regular basis, privately or in a public domain, allows for a cathartic release of emotions that is crucial to self-development and forward growth. Allowing yourself a place to jot your stream of consciousness down lets you pinpoint any long-lasting frustrations you have. If we notice ourselves consistently complaining about one or two subjects over and over again, it's clear that we need to take action to change those things.

The hardest part of fixing what makes us unhappy is making ourselves sure of what exactly these demons are. The next step is simply embarking on a regimen of healthy habits to break the cycle.

Keeping up with our life's events in written form also creates a concrete place in which we can look back on ourselves. Sometimes, this is an incredibly difficult process--one that usually feels impossible without concrete things to organize. When we journal, we log more than the events that happened that day, week or month; we record who we were at the time.

Being able to track our progress in such a concrete manner is often a very encouraging process. Whenever you feel down, just flip a couple pages and see all of the progress you have made thus far.

Often, we skew our perceptions of how far we have come, discouraging ourselves with thoughts that undermine our self-growth. Concrete evidence that disputes this cycle of negativity is a simple solution to a difficult problem--and one that can be found without our even realizing it.

Write, whether it is every day or whenever inspiration hits you. Write, so you can heal.

Write, so that you can discover things about yourself you never knew.