The best and most effective way to become super productive is to prioritize the things that matter most to you and then committing to them--professionally and personally. This is easier said than done, though it's possible. However, if you want to live successfully and happily, it's imperative that you start identifying your priorities. You may think that you already know what your priorities are, but do you really? Take time to reflect about it. You may say that your top priority is your family, yet you spend much of your time socializing with friends and going shopping or golfing.

The secret to being super productive and to living a life you love resides in getting your priorities straight and fully committing to them. Here's how:

1. Ask: Where are you spending most of your time?

Many people think they have their priorities straight when they really don't. How do you know if yours are or are not? Start by making a personal inventory of how you spend your time each day. If you think your priority is your health and you find yourself skipping meals, not getting enough sleep, and exercising infrequently, then that should tell you that your health is really not a priority for you. Remember that actions speak louder than words.

2. How do you identify what your priorities are and keep loyal to them?

Create a list showing the results of your personal inventory, then compare them with the things that actually do each day. Do they align with each other? If not, you have work to do. The kind of work that will make your life and the life of those you love and care about matter. Be patient with yourself in trying to identify your priorities, don't rush through the process. Think about what brings joy to your life, what benefits your life, and what matters most to you in your life--this will reveal your priorities. Now, commit to those priorities. Always be intentional about the things you do to keep your priorities where they belong.

3. Focus on what's most important

Life isn't as complex and as busy as you may think. Doing things that don't benefit your life frees you up to dedicate your time to what really matters to you. Don't just go through life, grow through life. Being productive isn't about doing a million things poorly--being productive is about doing a few things very well. Focus on the few things that will bring you the most joy in life, whether it's family or work or something else, and do them very well.