It's no secret that women have long been excluded from the social, professional, and financial opportunities of advancement that have historically been offered to men. In fact, in virtually every sector that exists, women face distinct disadvantages when compared to their male counterparts -- lesser pay, untoward advances of sexual harassment, and exclusion from customary privileges offered to men in the workspace.

The Wing, a women-only co-working space and club, aims to combat exactly those things by simply creating physical space for something exclusively built for women -- no men allowed. Founders Audrey Gelman and Lauren Kassan began The Wing in October 2016, just before the pivotal elections that put Donald Trump in power.

With her extensive political background, Gelman had ironically been under the impression that, following the presumed victory of Hillary Clinton, The Wing would perfectly follow as an easy next step in the Golden Age of women. However, what actually happened was exactly the opposite.

Following Donald Trump's surprise victory, The Wing received call after call asking for membership, with interested women expressing that they desired safe spaces for women -- created by women -- and the momentum hasn't stopped growing since.

Arguably described as full-amenity lounges, the 10,000-square-foot SoHo office possesses spacious co-working areas, private meeting rooms, nap rooms, and even dressing and makeup rooms for women to get ready for whatever they might be working on all day long.

There's also a library -- full of books curated by The Strand, another wholly-women-owned and operated business -- and private telephone booths. In addition to these included amenities, The Wing also features a cafe and bar that serves snacks, coffee, and other basic cafe goods.

The club has enrolled 1,500 members -- with a staggering 8,000 women on the waitlist for its current locations and emerging Brooklyn space. There have also been talks of The Wing opening a new branch in Washington D.C. as well. The organization recently raised $32 million in Series B funding led by WeWork, another co-working space, and ultimately has a total resting investment of $42 million, says Forbes.

Prices range from $2350-$2700 a year, but it's proven that the space offers women something incredibly valuable in our contemporary political and social climate: space, accessibility, and community.