While employees get a bad rap for misbehaving at the office, there are plenty of bosses behaving badly. And when that occurs, their behavior can have deeply negative impacts on their organizations, and their employees and customers. According to the Gallup Organization, a bad boss is the number one reason why people quit their jobs.

Due to their positions as leaders, bosses can actually be more comfortable breaking the rules--undoubtedly to the disdain of all others who happen to work in the company. Research conducted by software and technology authority Better Buys reveals the 10 most common bad boss behaviors.

Check out the ten most common bad boss behaviors. Which ones have you seen in your workplace?

1. Yelled at someone: 37%

2. Used profanity (foul language): 20.8%

3. Gossiped behind someone's back: 18.9%

4. Socialized excessively: 17.4%

5. Taken credit for someone else's work: 15.2%

6. Left early without permission: 13.7%

7. Taken a sick day when they weren't sick: 13.5%

8. Taken a long lunch without permission: 13.2%

9. Told inappropriate jokes (racist, off color): 11.7%

10. Been consistently late: 11.7%

To the dismay of workers everywhere, many bad bosses make a habit of breaking the rules. Don't be one of them. Instead of engaging in bad behavior at work, be a positive role models for your employees. Great leaders inspire their people to do their very best always.