As millennials increasingly dominate our population--and our workforce--this youthful generation is wielding increasing clout in the marketplace. With a total of 83.1 million people, millennials are currently the largest generation in the United States.

It's no wonder then that businesses, industries, and even entire cities are catering to millennials--doing their best to provide them with the kinds of things that will gain their loyalty, and their rising spending power.

Apartment search service ABODO recently took a look at which U.S. cities millennials love the most, and exactly what they're looking for in a top city. Is your city on the list--and does it have what it takes to attract and earn the loyalty of millennials?

Top-10 U.S. Cities for Millennials

1. New York City, NY

2. San Francisco, CA

3. Seattle, WA

4. Portland, OR

5. Los Angeles, CA

6. Austin, TX

7. Chicago, IL

8. Denver, CO

9. San Diego, CA

10. Boston, MA

Top-10 Qualities Millennials Want in a City

1. A thriving job market

2. Affordable rent

3. Affordable home prices

4. Parks or hiking trails

5. Local restaurants (non-chain)

6. Quality pizza

7. Top-rated public schools

8. Movie theaters

9. Walkability

10. Revitalized downtown