Ever feel uncomfortable in the office, as if everyone had suddenly stopped talking about you the minute you walked into the room? While sometimes we're just paranoid and imagining that people are talking about us, other times it's not necessarily just in our minds at all.

Chances are, you could be doing a number of things at work that leave people thinking you're unprofessional--and you might not even be aware of them. Check out these 11 habits to make sure you're not the culprit.

1. Showing up late

While we all might have natural tendencies about how early we want to be to every social activity, showing up late in a professional setting is rude and inconsiderate, and others in the room will echo that sentiment.

2. Playing hooky

Nobody likes someone who takes more time off than he or she needs--especially when the person is calling in sick way too often.

3. Complaining

We all have woes, but not all of us air our grievances incessantly. For those who have to listen to someone complain from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., it might get a little tiresome and can easily be seen as unprofessional.

4. Asking a million questions

Even though it's good to show that you're inquisitive, coming across as if you can't understand anything definitely leaves you looking like you're not a key member of the company. In fact, you might even come across as the weakest link.

5. Being too messy

When you leave the kitchen a mess, your desk a war zone, and your trash can full of week-old banana peels, few people will respect you as someone to share space with.

6. Being arrogant

Only be as confident as your scope of knowledge; anything else will come across as arrogant.

7. Bragging

It's definitely OK to have high self-confidence, but there's a fine line between knowing the work you put out is good and telling the universe that you're great. Talking too much about how much you think you do is a sure way of telling everyone else you don't do much at all.

8. Dressing poorly

Looking like a slob often gets you associated with being one, even if you're not.

9. Talking too personally

It's good to build relationships with those you work with, but don't go too far in discussing touchy topics--like family problems or your sex life--at work.

10. Being loud

People do not like someone they can hear from the other side of the room when they're trying to get stuff done.

11. Swearing

While a number of workplaces are much more relaxed when it comes to language, it's always good to keep yourself in check and recognize that you don't want to go overboard with your liberties.