For people that are constantly under scrutiny, it makes sense to be extra careful with your body language, as you may be conveying certain messages that you don't mean to get across when you're not aware.

For bosses in particular, it's important to maintain a professional appearance at all times. Check out these 3 body language mistakes that make bosses look unprofessional, and what you can do to circumvent that potential perception.

1. Lack of eye contact

When bosses don't look you in the eye, they leave the impression that they feel superior to the person they're talking to. In fact, a lack of eye contact could potentially signify an arrogant or condescending attitude to the person that they're interacting with, even if that's not actually the case. If you're a leader aiming to build real relationships with the people on your team, make sure to look them in the eye while talking--you don't want to be thought of as the person that's too high up on a pedestal.

2. Slouching

When bosses are disinterested in things, there's no reason for the rest of staff to feel motivated to further the company's mission. Slouching, or physical disinterest and discouragement in the body, ultimately gives off the impression that you're not really committed to what you do. Bosses especially have to be careful that they're not giving this perception of how they feel about their company--otherwise, other employees might begin to feel the same way.

3. Not paying enough attention

While it's never good for anyone to be distracted in discussion, bosses should take extra care to make sure that it looks like whoever they are speaking to has their complete, undivided attention. If we begin losing interest in something, our body starts to physically show signs of boredom, such as involuntary shrugging or fiddling. Make sure you look excited by what the other person is saying. Chances are, what you think of their opinion genuinely matters.