Job interviews are critical times for people looking to get hired--you've passed the resume test but have yet to wow the people you're about to meet with your respective prowess. But it's the interview that will either make or break your career dreams.

Check out the 5 job interview mistakes people make that leave them looking very unprofessional, so that you know how to avoid them when prepping for your next opportunity.

1. Being Underdressed

There's a saying that it's always best to be over- rather than under-dressed, and in the case of job interviews, that's definitely the truth. When you feel prepped for battle physically, it'll show--and the employer will know that you're serious about bringing your full effort.

2. Arriving late

While emergencies do happen, we have to account for whatever our natural habits may be in a job interview setting--as being even five minutes late comes off to your interviewer as particularly unprofessional behavior. If you know you're the kind of person to always take your time, get ready and leave your house earlier. It'll pay off.

3. Having your phone go off

Although we can't live without our phones these days, there's something to be said about why people feel like phones interrupting conversation is incredibly disrespectful. Don't mess up the flow of a good interview by needing to reach into your bag and silence your phone. Instead, make sure you have it prepped and in good access beforehand, so that all you have to do is turn it off.

4. Speaking poorly about where you last worked

When future potential employers hear you talking poorly about the place you last worked, it makes them believe that you'll do the same after you join the team you're interviewing for. When you show that you're able to leave things on good terms and without malice, your professionalism will shine.

5. Seeming uninterested

Being aloof can be appealing in certain situations, but definitely not when you're trying to convince others that you're the one who should be hired. Show that you're eager, motivated, and ready to work--and make that come across in your words and your demeanor before you even get the job.