How do we improve who we are? The most effective--and often most difficult--way by far is to self-analyze. When we deconstruct our notions of ourselves and who we think we are, we are able to overcome potential obstacles standing in our way to becoming a better person.

By answering these 5 questions you can begin the journey of becoming your best self.

1. If you had one day left to live, would you be ready to go?

Although it's very easy for us to reach temporary states of complacency, reaching a level of complete fulfillment at life's end is a totally different story. So many of us end up going through the motions instead of actively enjoying what we do on a daily basis. Making sure we are content, right this moment, is a great way to keep this tendency in check.

2. Am I a good friend?

Often, how we treat our friends says much more about ourselves than about them. Are you too much of a passive listener? Do you often find yourself talking too much? Note your faults and begin the process of improving them. Listen as much as you speak; ask as much as you tell. Your friends and your soul will thank you.

3. How do I handle my anger?

The way we react to tangled Christmas lights, rush hour traffic, and lost luggage can shed volumes of light on how we deal with real life situations of greater magnitude. Once you have a better understanding of how you cope with anger, find ways to improve your reactions to the inevitable frustrations in life. If you are passive aggressive, try being openly confrontational; if you yell, take a deep breath and speak calmly. Being more productive with anger is a great skill to develop and will make you a better person to be around for all.

4. What one thing causes me stress every day?

It could be your roommate, your loud trash pickup, or your commute. Regardless of the source of your frustration, after pinpointing it, you can begin working on ways to address it. Fix the things that make you unhappy and, slowly, you will become stronger and much happier.

5. How many times did I laugh today?

If you can count this number on one hand, it's probably not enough to sustain consistent joy. Aim to laugh as much as you can--in a genuine manner, of course. Sometimes the mere act of laughing, aside from burning calories, can do wonders for your mind.

Published on: Apr 7, 2016
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