The Super Bowl is coming up--and we all know what that means. In between funny (and sometimes touching) commercials about cars, food, and beer, Tom Brady, the celebrated quarterback for the New England Patriots, will storm the field against the Atlanta Falcons Sunday in Super Bowl LI.

Who's going to win? We'll just have to wait and see. But if the Patriots win on Sunday, Brady will surpass Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw for the most Super Bowl wins ever.

While Brady is on the verge of being crowned the greatest NFL quarterback of all time, you may not be aware that he is also one of the greatest leaders to ever play the game of football.

Here are 7 powerful Tom Brady leadership traits that anyone can use in their own business and personal life.

1. Keep your cool

Brady used to be known for his explosive temper. In fact, one of the most hotly debated topics in the sports media was just how much the quarterback should yell at his teammates. Being a leader means that your emotional state is constantly being scrutinized, so it helps to keep your cool in public.

2. Stay confident

Over the course of his long career, Brady has made a name for himself through his comebacks, even when everyone was convinced that the Patriots were surely going to lose. Part of the reason for his success is certainly his unsurpassed confidence. Often, when the leader exudes confidence, the team does too.

3. Understand your competition

Like a warrior getting ready for battle, Brady reads up on the opposing team and their strategies before every game. As with any great leader, he would never run blindly into the fight without first doing his homework.

4. Be fully accountable

When the Brady failed to perform as well as he could have or should have, or when the Patriots lost a game, Brady would take responsibility for his actions, as well as the actions of his team. Remaining transparent and continuing to provide great leadership is a key quality of truly great leaders.

5. Put in the work

It's important to remember that success doesn't just come from waiting around. When Chad Ochocinco joined the team, he sent out a tweet explaining that Brady made a point to challenge the everyone on the team to give their very best efforts every single day.

6. Communicate like a pro

Brady is known for his ability to gauge the other team's motives before a snap, adapt the Patriot's plays, and then immediately communicate them to his entire team--a skill that translates to the dynamic business landscape as well.

7. Take time to rest and recuperate

Nothing good comes from rushing an injury to get back into the game--and nothing good comes from jumping into plans before you're ready. Always allot enough time to fully recover before going back in strong. You and your team will only benefit.