At the end of every day or week comes the important act of self-reflection. Without this brief moment of pause, our moral and spiritual growth would be undeniably stilted. How, then, do we go about achieving such internal clarity and self-awareness? Usually through the act of self-questioning. Read on for 7 questions you should be asking yourself every day.

1. What did I do well?

The easiest question to start with is the positive one, by far. We get off on the right foot and ease our way into self-critique, arguably one of the hardest tasks to voluntarily and honestly complete.

2. What could I have done better?

Looking back, pick out the things that really jump out at you. Was there a moment at work where you made a mistake and everyone noticed? Did you wake up late four days in a row? Have you been fighting all week with your family and are just now realizing you were wrong? Analyze the things that you did wrong so that you may begin the acceptance process of your actions--this is a big step toward improvement.

3. Why were these tasks so challenging?

After understanding and accepting your action comes attacking it for the better. Only after we figure out the why can we begin getting to the root of the problem, and begin solving it.

4. How have I gotten closer to my life goals?

This question is to remind us that, no matter how small or seemingly trivial the action, everything we put out really does matter. Sometimes we just have to dig a little deeper to see the results.

5. What are two things I really enjoyed about the experience?

When reflecting, figuring out why you felt a certain way is very important. In fact, why you feel a certain way might actually reveal more about yourself than the actions themselves.

6. What was my biggest waste of time?

Figure out those things that bore you so much that you keep putting them off by doing other things, also known as procrastination. Simply knowing what you do or don't like can set you up for future success.

7. What made me feel fulfilled?

When asking this question, try to focus on the things that give you long-term fulfillment, not just a quick fix of pleasure. Quick fixes are like a sugar high that lasts just a few hours before you crash. Once you are able to answer this question, only then can you begin looking for ways in which to fulfill yourself.