Living in a world populated with business titans who by all appearances have made it big overnight, now more than ever we want to rush toward our own future achievements and goals. But life isn't all about moving -- in fact, you may benefit from slowing down more than you would think.

Here are seven facts about patience that you can use to create a happier and healthier life:

  1. According to Stan Floresco, psychology professor at University of British Columbia, having a wealthy reserve of patience can "re-engage frontal lobe functions," meaning you can be less likely to act reckless and make poor decisions.
  2. Your team at work will want you to have it -- one 2013 American study found that players who worked together and earned high scores in strategy games also scored high in tests of patience.
  3. Exercise patience more in order to procrastinate less. Researchers in 2015 let students choose to either receive a check for a small sum immediately, or wait two weeks for a larger sum of money. The 43 percent of students who chose the latter took less time to actually cash their checks.
  4. Use patience to cope with stressful and upsetting situations and you will experience less depression and negative feelings, according to UC Davis psychology professor Robert Emmons.
  5. Having more patience can calm your mind and make you "feel more gratitude, more connection to mankind and to the universe, and a greater sense of abundance," too. If business is getting you anxious, the key to feeling good may be to wait until a situation passes.
  6. Improve your health: patient people are less likely to report health problems, from ulcers to  headaches and even pneumonia, according to researchers Schnitzler and Emmons.
  7. Reframing how you see a situation can help you cultivate patience: when you consciously examine your thoughts and beliefs, you can find yourself being less irritable and more able to regulate your emotions. 

Yes, patience is a virtue -- but don't forget what else it may be: the key to unlocking your potential and a more fulfilling life.