While you can do business in any country you like, some countries are better than others when it comes to starting and running a business. According to Forbes--which each year puts together a list of the 10 best countries for business--a variety of different factors can spoil a country's business climate. These factors include such things as decreased economic freedom, expensive regulations in finance and health care, high corporate income taxes, and more.

So, here are the 10 top countries for business in the world. And, no, you won't see the United States on this particular list. Unfortunately, it ranked #18 in Forbes's most-recent survey--down from #14 the previous year.

1. Denmark

Not only is Denmark one of the world's most entrepreneurial countries, the government makes it easy to start up new businesses.

2. Hong Kong

Not a separate country, but a territory of China, Hong Kong has a low tax burden on businesses with relatively low government red tape.

3. New Zealand

Some 20 years of government investment has transformed New Zealand's economy into one that is nimble, free-market, industrialized--and globally competitive.

4. Ireland

Ireland ranks at the top for personal freedom, and has a relatively low tax burden on businesses.

5. Sweden

A high standard of living coupled with a highly skilled labor force makes Sweden a formidable place for doing business.

6. Canada

With its transformation from an economy that was largely rural into one that today is mostly urban and industrial--and with great personal freedom and negligible red tape--Canada ranks high.

7. Norway

Norway manages to successfully combine an energetic business base and strong tech sector along with a strong social safety net for its citizens, making it a business force to be reckoned with.

8. Singapore

Singapore is noted for its high per-capita GDP, an enviable free-market economy, and a government that is notably free of corruption.

9. Switzerland

Like Singapore, Switzerland also has a high per-capita GDP. Switzerland is also famous for its stable government, its highly skilled workforce, and strong service industries.

10. Finland

Finland is an innovative country with a highly skilled workforce, a strong manufacturing base, and a flood of technology exports.