About 18 years ago, I bailed out of the corporate 9-to-5 thing and have been working from home ever since. While I work harder now than I ever worked for any company, I like the fact that I can set my own work schedule and (for the most part) be my own boss. And if I want to take a quick dip in the pool, play my guitar really loud, or take the dog out for a walk I can do it anytime I like.

I even wrote a book about working from home some years ago, Home-Based Business for Dummies, with my good friends Paul and Sarah Edwards.

While it's not something I've really thought much about, according to job site Indeed.com, some cities are better for working from home than others. Not only that, but an increasing number of people are interested in making the shift. According to Indeed, there was a 385 percent increase in job seekers searching for "remote/work from home" roles in 2017, and there are definite geographic preferences among those who want to work from home.

Here, according to Indeed, are the 25 top cities in the U.S. for working from home -- is yours on the list?

  1. Atlanta, GA

  2. Tampa, FL

  3. Phoenix, AZ

  4. Charlotte, NC

  5. Jacksonville, FL

  6. Kansas City, MO

  7. Nashville, TN

  8. Dallas, TX

  9. Indianapolis, IN

  10. Orlando, FL

  11. Cincinnati, OH

  12. Greensboro, NC

  13. Virginia Beach, VA

  14. St. Louis, MO

  15. Columbia, SC

  16. Raleigh, NC

  17. Columbus, OH

  18. Cleveland, OH

  19. Louisville, KY

  20. San Antonio, TX

  21. Austin, TX

  22. Pittsburgh, PA

  23. Memphis, TN

  24. Denver, CO

  25. Richmond, VA