Finding yourself confused about how the work day is suddenly over? You must be spending your hours being very productive -- or not productive at all.

Time flies when you're having fun, and when you're wasting time for no reason. Here are the worst time-wasters of 2018 and beyond.

Checking and sending emails.

Email communication is effortless and convenient, but are you certain you aren't overusing this type of correspondence? If you are constantly going back and forth on emails, consider picking up the phone or having face to face conversations instead. Some things require actual discussions instead of three-day email conversations.

Unnecessary meetings.

A meeting will be a guaranteed time-waster if it lacks an agenda, clear objectives, and set deadlines. To keep yourself (and others) focused and on track, avoid scheduling and having meetings that have no real purpose.

Instant messaging.

When used in the right ways, instant messaging platforms like Slack can be great for office productivity. Employees can get questions answered promptly, and employers can send out helpful links or resources. However, this tool can transform from professional to informal instantaneously, becoming productivity's worst enemy. Make sure you aren't using instant messaging for non-work-related gossip or conversations, and be mindful of how and how much you use such a tool.


Don't shift between six projects or ten internet browser tabs at once. You may think you're getting more done in a faster amount of time but the reality is you could be reducing the quality of your work or slowing down your entire work process. Instead, prioritize and begin new tasks only after you have fully completed previous ones.

Being too eager.                          

We want others to think we are superhuman, that we can do it all. If you want to impress your colleagues or your boss with how much you can work on, you may wind up saying "yes!" to everything. This includes new projects and even accommodating coworkers who ask for favors. But when you say "yes!" to it all, your attention, energy, and time are at risk of being depleted. Don't be afraid to say "no."

Time is an incredibly important resource, as it is not something you can get back after using. How we routinely spend our days affects how productive we are, so make sure you protect your day from the time-wasters listed above.