For those of us who travel a lot for business-or even the occasional vacation traveler-the airline we choose can make a huge difference in our overall experience. As a seasoned traveler myself, I know that there are a handful of airlines to flock to, some to absolutely avoid-and quite a few in between.

So how do you know which airlines to put on your go-to list, and which ones to leave behind on the runway?

Fortunately, airline review site Skytrax recently held its 2016 Passenger Choice Awards-which is a list of the world's top-10 airlines based on the votes of travelers. In addition to naming the top-10 airlines, Skytrax also makes awards in a variety of categories, including Best Cabin Staff, Best Business Class Lounge, Best Business Class Seat, Most Improved Airline, and more.

So which airline scored top honors in the 2016 Passenger Choice Awards?


According to Skytrax, this is the fourth time that Emirates has been voted the World's Best Airline. In addition to this award, Emirates also won the World's Best Inflight Entertainment award.

Here, then, are the world's top-10 airlines:

1. Emirates

2. Qatar Airways

3. Singapore Airlines

4. Cathay Pacific

5. ANA All Nippon Airways

6. Etihad Airways

7. Turkish Airlines

8. EVA Air

9. Qantas Airways

10. Lufthansa