We all know the importance of the job interview for getting hired. You can have a stellar résumé, a great record of employment, and terrific references, but if you blow the interview, chances are you're not going to get the job.

According to statistics compiled by Glassdoor for Employers, every corporate job opening, on average, attracts 250 résumés. But only four to six of these people will be called for an interview, and only one of those will be offered a job.

In a recent post, job search site Simply Hired revealed the results of its survey of more than 850 hiring managers -- men and women in the U.S. who have interviewed and hired employees as a part of their job, currently or in the past. In this particular survey, the hiring managers were asked what application and interview behaviors they viewed most negatively in job candidates.

Here are the top 17 behaviors that every job applicant should be sure to avoid to make the best impression possible -- and hopefully land the job of their dreams:

  1. Arriving late to an interview (93%)
  2. Whining (92%)
  3. Showing lack of preparation (89%)
  4. Bad-mouthing a former boss (88%)
  5. Bad-mouthing a former company (87%)
  6. Making grammar or spelling mistakes on a cover letter (86%)
  7. Using poor grammar in an interview (84%)
  8. Having unrealistic compensation requirements (84%)
  9. Being underqualified (80%)
  10. Answering questions incorrectly (77%)
  11. Lacking eye contact in an interview (76%)
  12. Bragging (73%)
  13. Lacking a résumé copy at an interview (65%)
  14. Rambling (63%)
  15. Dressing casually for an interview (59%)
  16. Using a gimmick (sending baked goods, gifts, etc.) (56%)
  17. Talking about other interviews (55%)