Perhaps, more often than you'd like to admit, you've found yourself in the position of the naughty employee--shopping online or browsing Facebook in a moment of boredom. Unsurprisingly, you're not alone. It turns out that the vast majority of employees--yes, that means you and me--end up breaking some kind of rule while on the job.

In research conducted by software and technology authority Better Buys, workers engage in all sorts of bad behaviors at work. Here, according to Better Buys, are the top ten, across a wide variety of industries.

1. Consistently late: 56%

2. Gossiping behind someone's back: 53.7%

3. Taking a sick day when not sick: 53.2%

4. Yelling at someone: 51%

5. Excessively socializing: 49.2%

6. Taking an unauthorized long lunch break: 42.8%

7. Leaving early without permission: 41.4%

8. Lying to the boss: 41.1%

9. Practicing bad hygiene: 37.4%

10. Working on personal projects at work: 35.3%

Yelling at someone in the office, being consistently late, or lying to the boss can all lead to a hostile, toxic work environment that could be easily avoided. So, next time you see any of this behavior coming out--say something! Your words could change your workplace.