For millennials just finishing up college, or well into their first job, it can be daunting to gather your bearings and figure out where you want to go in life and what you want to do.

Yet, regardless of the path you ultimately choose to follow, there are some universal skills all millennials should learn to be successful in the long run. Here are 7 of the most effective.

1. Be your best salesperson

In an era where everyone has stellar experience, does enough to make people twice their age cringe, and knows how to market themselves as well as--or better than--any of their peers, it's important to know how to talk yourself up. You are always selling, whether it be a skill, product, brand--or yourself. And knowing how to apply that to your own personal brand is the key to gaining recognition.

2. Take risks

Learning how to put yourself out there is absolutely necessary for millennials. If you're looking to break into an industry you're unfamiliar with, taking on a job you don't have the exact right skill set for, it's important to keep in mind that everyone else is taking the same risks--at the same time--right alongside you. Keep pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone, and rewards will follow.

3. Build one killer skill

When you've got a myriad of talents, it's easy to feel overqualified for a number of roles--but also at the same time to feel under-qualified for many others. The most talented millennials have spent months crafting and honing the one skill that is their greatest--making them much more desirable in the hiring market.

4. Take up meditation

Even though being truly alone, or having quiet, stolen moments in a day are things long gone, learning to find pockets of peace in the over-stimulated life of a millennial is a feat in and of itself. And it's one that will surely bring you more calm than anything else you can do.

5. Travel

With an abundance of opportunity and distraction at all times, it can be beneficial to push your own boundaries beyond what you have now. Make it a point to maintain your curiosity for visiting new places and trying new things; it keeps life from being too boring.

6. Stop overthinking everything

Between social media and job prospects, millennials have tons to worry about. The best way to approach all this uncertainty, however, is simply by taking things as they go, rather than overthinking each action every step of the way.

7. Learn how to save

While many of us no longer believe in the purpose of a savings account, it's important to practice the act of putting money aside in order to save. Millennials are so concentrated on the short term, they often forget to make room for all that will come after.