It's hard to forget those video clips of the guy being knocked out and dragged off a United Airlines flight last year -- the public outcry was very loud, and I'm certain that the bad press United Airlines received as a result caused more than a few customers to cancel their travel plans with the airline.

In a bid to improve customer service -- or at least the appearance of customer service -- United Airlines is implementing a new, four-hour training program called Core4. The subject of the training?


While most of us already have compassion within us, I guess United decided that it's employees need an extra dose of it. Therefore, approximately 30,000 United employees will be required to take the training.

According to news reports, the training will put employees in role-play situations where they will be asked to deal with customer service scenarios on the fly -- resolving them with compassion instead of a bad attitude.

This all sounds pretty good to me. I'll definitely be watching for that extra compassion the next time I fly the friendlier skies of United.