1. Indonesia

Between the rolling, foggy mountains of Bandung and the gorgeous sand beaches of Bali, Indonesia has it all. Rice paddies to frolic through, cities to get lost in--any kind of setting can be found in this wondrous country of islands. The country contains great variety in religion, filled with citizens who practice Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism, just to name a few.

In addition to all this cultural diversity, there's the food. Native dishes rapt with a plethora of spices and colors abound and tantalize the tongue. The country is an amazing, magical place to get away--and discover some things about yourself along the way.

2. Croatia

The small country in the Balkans is one which has recently begun gaining traction as a beautiful vacation spot. Despite the attention it's garnered as a vacation hotspot through Game of Thrones, Croatia largely stands untouched as a travel destination. Full of locals that are kind, attentive, and caring, Croatia allows visitors to open up their doors by interacting with those from the land.

Yet, the friendly people aren't all the country offers. Pristine blue beaches swarm Croatia's coastline, filled with water so clear that you can see straight to the pebbled sand on the bottom. Its beautiful seas provide an amazing horizon for which your new adventure can sail.

3. France

France unwaveringly holds its place as one of the most influential countries in the world. France, as we all know, is a country of romance--and it's been given that title for good reason. Roaming around the European country's historical, breathtaking architecture puts you in a wistful state of mind.

Eating the phenomenal, rich cuisine satisfies a craving somewhere deeper than just your stomach. Wandering around white marbled statues in the Louvre leaves you with a sense of childlike wonder you thought you'd never find again. Take a trip to France, and do more than see the Eiffel Tower and eat a crepe. Visit and let it change your life.

4. Vietnam

The country of Vietnam is an exciting, vibrant, entrepreneurial place--full of energy and life. Food and lodging is very inexpensive (and excellent), and you will find that your cash goes a very long way. The ancient and modern co-exist peacefully, coupled with a distinct French flair. Book your trip for twice as long as you think necessary, and enjoy unplugging from the world as you know it-if just for a short while.

5. United States

The United States is a remarkably diverse country, with everything from arid deserts to frigid alpine mountains to warm seashores to foggy redwood forests. Each region and major city has its own unique culture, including music and food. Any trip I make to New York City includes the outstanding local bagels, Kansas City has amazing barbecue, Seattle incredible seafood, and Santa Fe a unique and tasty take on Mexican food. If you haven't taken the time to explore this amazing country, then you really should--it will definitely open your eyes.