It's no secret that the economy is becoming increasingly globalized, with businesses expanding in all corners of the world. Knowing how to effectively communicate in multiple languages is a critical skill for building relationships across borders. If you want to diversify your business opportunities, sticking with one language puts you at a huge disadvantage. 

But learning a foreign language is not easy -- especially with a packed schedule. Here are some tips and tricks to learning a new language that will help fast track your journey towards global success: 

1. Have a purpose.

Learning a new language can be fun, but in order to stay motivated during your studies, you must have a purpose for why you are learning the language you have selected. Perhaps you are looking to reach your business's market into China -- Ryan McMunn, CEO of BRIC Language System, says, "I never would have been successful in China had I not learned how to speak Mandarin. By learning a second language, I had an opportunity to develop relationships with Chinese executives and conduct business in ways that otherwise would not have been possible."

2. Talk to yourself.

Talk to yourself in order to talk to others -- after all, once you master a new language, a whole world of new professionals and business associates who speak the same language will open up for you, thus expanding your network of valuable contacts.  

3. Remember that a new language is good for you.

Do you care about your health? Learning a new language has been described as a "re-wiring of the brain which can form new neurons and connections among the intellectual network." Because you are working out the the vocabulary portion of your brain, your brain becomes stimulated for growth.

Learning another language clearly has its benefits, but as an employee having an increased language proficiency can also get you promoted (you become a more attractive candidate for a new job) or help you earn a raise. According to McMunn, someone entering the workforce with a second language fluency can expect an additional 10 to 15 percent pay increase.

Not bad for doing something that has so many benefits to you and your business.