You can have a lot of things in the world, but you can never truly have too much kindness. One of the most revered traits we look for in leaders is empathy--the ability to understand and relate to the emotions of another, as well as the ability to demonstrate that they know what the other person is feeling and going through.

1. You see eye to eye with your employees

Even though bosses are, for many reasons, regarded as higher-ups, there is something incredibly appealing about leaders who place themselves on the same level as their employees without losing their authority as leaders. Tapping into kindness and small (and big) acts of showing your appreciation for your team allows those around you to know that you care--leaving them feeling like their work matters, and encouraging their engagement and loyalty.

2. You build real relationships

When you are kind, your people don't feel that you're a cold robot--simply barking orders and demanding obedience. Instead, through outward and visible displays of warmth, you're able to show how much you care about others--and experience firsthand just how much others care about you in return.

3. You are easy to trust

More than simply building relationships with those in your office, you're also a leader that your employees want to confide in. You're someone that is incredibly accessible in the best way possible. You're able to gain the vote of your employees, while also discovering and appreciating the things that matter to them.

4. You forgive

One of our biggest human flaws is our inability to forgive and move beyond grudges, even when it may be beneficial for us to do so. Your kindness leaves you with the ability to pardon others--and sometimes yourself--for honest mistakes, a trait that others value as much as you do.

5. You show gratitude

We all want to be appreciated for the good work we do, and to feel that we play an important role in the companies we work for. When leaders show appreciation and gratitude to their employees, they clearly demonstrate their kindness--earning the respect, admiration, and loyalty of their people in return.