Hate your boss? Love your boss? In the spirit of giving, how much does it matter?

With the holiday season in full swing, it may be time to start thinking about if you want to get a gift for your boss.

There's no business etiquette rule that requires you to do so, but if you are in good standing with the person you work for, giving a gift can be an extremely welcome and thoughtful gesture. Here are some options on how much to spend for your boss.

1. The same amount others spend on average.

According to one Google Consumer Survey, when it comes to birthdays and holidays, 62 percent of people reported spending more than $50 on a special someone. And, 30 percent even said they spend $100+ on a gift for someone important to them.

In comparison, when buying a gift for coworkers or a boss, 73 percent of respondents say they spend $20 or less.

Unsure about how much to spend? Stick with a gift in the neighborhood of $20.

2. As much as others are willing to chip in.

Consider banding together with other co-workers when it comes to gift-giving. Not only can this take the pressure off you when it comes to picking out the right thing, but your boss will be extra thankful that everyone in your department or office thought of them.

3. To your heart's desire.

If you're lucky, your boss might not actually be just your boss. He or she may be a member of your family, a friend, or mentor. Consider getting something that truly shows your appreciation for them -- don't worry about getting something expensive, unless you feel as if that's the right move. Aim to please, not impress.

You are not obligated to find the perfect present for your boss. The kind of gift you select will depend not only on whether you can afford it, but also how well you know your employer.

If you're still unsure about what to get, avoid sending an insincere or cheap gift. Instead, opt for a card and a nice message. Remember: It's the thought that counts.