Have you just stepped into a leadership position? Maybe you've been a boss for years? Are you stressing out about how you can best carry yourself and your team so that you're a likable boss while still accomplishing your goals, meeting landmarks, and getting things done? Check out these seven simple habits that will make you more likable--and more effective.

1. Be friendly

Many bosses appear cold or aloof by forgetting to say hello to employees and avoiding small talk. Be kind and approachable by taking steps to greet your team, and leave your office once in a while to make small talk by the water cooler when you can.

2. Make time for people

If your schedule is always booked up with external meetings or obligations, that leaves very little time to build relationships with your own employees. Demonstrating that you have both time and interest in your employees' opinions and concerns--no matter what their position may be--will help build trust in you as a leader.

3. Keep a dynamic character

Even if things go wrong--which they inevitably will at some point--it's crucial that you, as a leader, maintain a dynamic and flexible character so that you can bounce back from whatever loss your group may experience.

4. Strive for positivity

As a boss with a lot of responsibilities, it can be easy to fall into the trap of negativity. If you maintain a positive attitude, however, you'll help your own employees realize a new world of perspectives--ones that will be much more productive than chronic pessimism.

5. Lead by example

When team members see their leader meeting deadlines in a timely manner, it inspires them to do the same. Don't slip into the easy trap of thinking you're exempt from your own rules as a boss. Your employees won't respect you if that's the case.

6. Give prompt feedback

Sometimes, managers are so busy they don't have time to react to the work their employees and team members are doing. If that's the case, however, many people will feel slighted, unappreciated, and unwelcome in the workspace. Take steps to ensure that's not the case by giving ample feedback, and showing appreciation when it makes sense.

7. Be compassionate

The simplest thing you can do to be a likable boss? Be kind. Your employees will be happy to work with you.