Our culture is consumed with being busy. Whether we like to admit it or not, many of us are in love with the idea of burning ourselves out. Busyness, the act of constantly doing something, is taking over our work and personal life.

At first glance, this epidemic doesn't seem so bad. After all, could there really be a downside to wanting to do more? To adding more responsibilities on your plate so that you feel more accomplished and fulfilled? Many people would immediately answer that no, there aren't negative side effects to such a way of life.

The thing is, however, incessantly remaining in motion and running from one place to the other slowly-but sure-is what kills us inside. It leaves us without time to gather our thoughts and our minds, without the capacity to be present in any singular moment since we're always thinking about what must be done next. Without properly resting from task to task-much less from minute to minute-how can we ever appreciate the things we do have?

Inarguably, one of the most rewarding aspects of having finished a task is the ability to revel in what you have done. You can marvel at the art you've created, at the project you've completed, at the reactions of everyone being equally as pleased with your work. The feeling of reward-and especially self-reward-is crucial to maintaining a healthy mindset as you move forward in your future work.

Without appreciating ourselves for what has been accomplished, we lose sight of our purpose in all our actions.

Purpose, as we know, is the most important impetus for all the small steps we take on our way to achieving a greater goal. It's the reason for which we do anything. Keeping clear focus of it along the way is absolutely necessary to reaching a place at which we are content with being. And that kind of clarity comes from nothing more than the ability to rest, reflect, and revamp our minds.

So, next time you find yourself wondering if you should take on that extra job, keep in mind that more is not always merrier. Do a little less-your results will astound you.