When you are the boss, your actions and emotions can have tremendous impact on your staff, both good and bad. You probably don't always think about how your mood, your actions, the tone of your voice and the general way that you come across can and does affect them, but it does in some very significant ways.

Office furniture maker Steelcase has conducted tons of research on employee happiness and well-being. These 6 tips emerged as most powerful.

1. Be authentic.

Authenticity is a key quality that creates a solid foundation for every relationship we have, whether personal or business. This means developing positive relationships and strong bridges of trust with management and coworkers through positive and ongoing interactions over an extended period. Be authentic and encourage your people to do the same.

2. Provide meaning.

We all want to make a difference in the world and work for companies that are going good things for customers and for the communities in which they do business. You can help employees feel a sense of purpose by communicating company goals clearly and then explaining exactly how each employee fits in. As Steelcase researcher Nicolas de Benoist points out, "How we spend our time, doing the right things in the right way, can powerfully impact [our] well-being."

3. Create a sense of belonging.

Just as we want to work for companies that are having a positive influence in the world around us, we all want to feel a sense of belonging at work. Make a point to truly care about the people who work for and with you, and provide them with opportunities to do work that has meaning.

4. Be optimistic.

Optimism is a key ingredient in employee engagement and job satisfaction. When the future looks bright, everyone wants to bask in the glow. Be optimistic and upbeat as a leader, and find opportunities to build up your people instead of tearing them down.

5. Be mindful.

Help your people be fully present in the moment and engaged in their work by removing as many distractions as possible and creating a workplace that is ordered, comfortable and calm. When employees can give the work they do their complete focus, their performance will improve and customer satisfaction will rise.

6. Focus on vitality.

People need to work in environments that are mentally and physically stimulating, and sight, sound, touch, and other sensory inputs can be optimized in a way that energizes your employees. Consider the lighting and other elements of your physical space and make sure it's stimulating without being overwhelming.