Is it better to have hired a quality employee and lost them, or never to have hired at all?

As enticing as it may be to think about how to answer this question, it may be more productive for you to focus on something else: making sure you hire and keep your star employees.

A lot goes into hiring quality workers, and more goes into making sure you don't let them get away.

For both new and old hires, you can, as an employer, ensure that employees are receiving fair compensation. In fact, you will want to go the extra mile and make sure you are not only paying them well monetarily, but that you are also providing creative ways of compensation. Perhaps workers want flexible schedules, opportunities for advancement, or cash bonuses. Making your employees feel valued for their contributions will give them the added push to stay with your company, and do their best work while there.

Believe it or not, giving your employees planned playtime can encourage them to stay with your organization. When given the chance to step outside their daily routines, your best performers may actually come up with brilliant new ideas. Spontaneous playing, experimenting, and new experiences will be productive and healthy for your company, and increase the likelihood of employee retainment.

If you get the chance to encourage your employees to play, you should also consider encouraging your employees to take risks as well. When your best employees are given the space to offer new and wild ideas without having to worry about being reprimanded, they will find better and more creative ways of accomplishing tasks.

Employees who are smart, curious, and bored with routine are the ones who can excel, so you must learn to recognize restless energy in your employees when you see it, in order to use it to your advantage. Don't think twice about giving star workers challenging assignments -- even if they make mistakes, your organization will benefit, and your employees will thank you for the opportunity.

Above all else, lead by example. As a leader in the workplace, employees look to you for cues on how to act and work, both inside and outside of the office. Top employees can skyrocket towards success when provided with a mentor like yourself, someone who is generous in sharing connections, helpful advice, and incredible career guidance.

Set a great example and your star workers can one day reach your level of career success -- and then mentor others to follow in their footsteps.